Tahlehelo e Tlase 1/2'' Feeder Cable E Koatiloe 1 2 Coax Hard Line Cable bakeng sa Transmission ea RF


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The 1 2 feeder cable or 1 2 coaxial cable, which is named half inch coaxial cable, refers to a specific size of coaxial cable that is made of the following parts:


  1. 16mm PE Shield (or PE jacket)
  2. Corrugated copper tube
  3. 12mm foam dielectric
  4. Copper conductor (hollow or solid)




1 2 feeder cable has many synonyms such as:


  • 1 2 coax feed tube
  • 1 2 coaxial cable
  • 1 2 hardline coax
  • 1 2 superflex coax
  • 1/2 super flexible coaxial cable
  • joalo-joalo


Well, so many customers come for FMUSER and ask questions like:


  • What is a Coaxial Feeder Cable?
  • How does a Feeder Cable work?
  • Where to buy the best Coax Feeder?
  • joalo-joalo

Keep reading and explore for answers!


What is 1 2 Feeder Cable (1/2'')?


To start with, let's be clear about what is a feeder cable. 


Specifically, a feeder cable is a type of RF coaxial cable that is used to transfer radio frequency energy from one point to another.



In the field of RF transmission, a feeder cable is used as a transmission feed line for radio frequency signals that connect radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas. A feeder cable also provides protection for the signal.


And the 1/2 super flexible coaxial cable, which is named half inch coaxial cable, refers to a specific size of coaxial cable that is made of the following parts:


  • 16mm PE Shield (or PE jacket)
  • Corrugated copper tube
  • 12mm foam dielectric
  • Copper conductor (hollow or solid)


Mofuta oa pele-boleng-oa-FMUSER-1-2-feeder-cable-700px.jpg


1 2 Feeder Cable Alternatives


Click the links below to explore more about the 1/2'' feeder cable alternatives!


Mofuta oa pele-boleng-oa-FMUSER-7-8-feeder-cable-700px.jpg FMUSER-1-5-8-feeder-cable-with-solid-(hollow-type-is-optional)-copper-made-conductor-700px.jpg
7/8" Coax 1-5/8'' Coax
Etela ho eketsehileng ka lisebelisoa tse sa sebetseng, lithapo tsa coaxial, le lihokelo. Tse ling >>


Inside the 1 2 Feeder Cable (1/2'')


Inside the cable coaxial 1 2 Superflex feeder cable, there is an inner copper-made conductor which is surrounded by a tubular insulating layer (mostly called a foam-made dielectric), which is then surrounded by a tubular conducting shield with an insulating outer sheath or jacket.



Coaxial cable 1 2 is closely related to some keywords such as low loss, foamed insulated, 50ohm, corrugated, copper, etc, and its main task is to efficiently transmit signal energy.


The connectors and attachment are as followed:


N Monna Mofuta oa ts'oarello Crimp Type
4.3-10 Male Mofuta oa ts'oarello Crimp Type
Monna oa TNC Mofuta oa ts'oarello Crimp Type
DIN Male Mofuta oa ts'oarello Crimp Type




As for the specifications, because of various applications, thus there are different specifications of coax feeder cable, for feeder cables, diameters are used as the unit, for example, the most-heard ones are 1 2 coax, 7/8'' feeder cable, 1-5/8'' coax cable, 8D feeders, and 10D feeders. etc. 




Generally, the larger the diameter of the feeder the smaller the signal attenuation, and 1 2 feeder cable is probably the smallest size above all the others in terms of feeder cable.


 Kopa Khopolo

What is the Packaging of a 1 2 Feeder Cable?


First of all, a feeder cable never comes out of thin air. It must go through the following production processes, including production, testing, packaging, and delivery. Details are as followed:






  • Lisebelisoa tsa liteko
  • Insulation extrusion
  • Braid wire sort
  • Braiding extrusion
  • PE jacket




Then, our R & D team will carefully test each feeder cable to make sure that they can remain high quality.





These feeder cables will be tied to the requirements of different customers, for example:


  • Roll
  • Wooden Drum
  • Paper/Plastic Drum
  • Mobil drum
  • Capon






Finally, the packaged feed line will reach your delivery address through various transportation methods, such as:


  • Ka leoatle
  • Ka Moea
  • Ka Express
  • DHL
  • holimo
  • FedEx
  • EMS
  • TNT
  • joalo-joalo

 Kopa Khopolo

What are the applications of 1 2 feeder cable?


Applications are as followed:


  • Sistimi ea kabo ea moaho
  • Wireless communication system. 
  • Radar systems
  • Lisebelisoa tsa khaso
  • CCTV-closed-circuit television
  • CATV-sechaba antenna thelevishene
  • DBS-sathelaete ea khaso e tobileng
  • DAS & Small Cell.
  • Mehala ea puisano.
  • Tactical and portable communication systems
  • Mobile wireless communication base station
  • Liindasteri tsa Aerospace.
  • Motor room
  • Tšebeliso ea sesole
  • joalo-joalo


Mokhoa oa ho Khetha tse ntlehali 1 2 Feeder Cable?


Let's take the FMUSER 1 2 feeder cable as an example, if you're ready the buying, here is the checklist you will need to take into consideration: 


Is it Oxygen-free Copper? Well, oxygen-free copper material ensures antioxidant and anti-interference performance, thereby extending the operation life.


Is it Low loss performance? The high-quality oxygen-free copper material makes the higher electric conductivity, lower insertion loss, and excellent power efficiency.


Is it Quality Guaranteed? Always bear in mind that never go for a dishonest supplier.


Bonus list: 


  • Is it resistant to hostile environments?
  • Is it Flexible and Strength?
  • Is it with Low loss and attenuation?
  • Is it with Low Passive intermodulation?
  • Is it Easy Connectorization?
  • Is it Long durability?
  • joalo-joalo


FMUSER: A Reliable 1 2 Feeder Cable Morekisi



FMUSER is the expert manufacturer and supplier of RF components for nearly 10 years, we have succeeded in constructing complete feeder cable turnkey solutions and coax feeder product line for customers overseas, and with one-stop Service and low MOQ, you're able to enhance your business with our solutions, what's more, the quality of the ordered product is guaranteed with excellent PIM value, easy-handling, most importantly, most of them are of low-cost design.


Kopa Khopolo

Litlhaloso tsa Mechanical
Categories Terms Specs
Motsamaisi oa ka hare Mohala oa aluminium oa koporo Ø 4.8mm ± 0.05mm
Dielectric Physically Foamed (PE) Ø 12.2mm ± 0.30mm
Outer Conductor Ring corrugated copper tube Ø 13.7mm ± 0.30mm
Black PE or Flame retardant black PE
Ø 15.5 mm± 0.30mm
Phephetso ea UV GB/T 14049-093; EN 50289-4-17, Method A N / A
Boima ba Cable ≈ 200 kg/km N / A
Min. bending Radius (Single) 70 limilimithara N / A
Min. bending Radius (Repeated) 125 limilimithara N / A
Maximum tensile strength
N / A
Recommended maximum clamp spacing
1m N / A
Litlhaloso tsa motlakase
Terms Specs
Ho se mamelle 50±4 ohm
Relative Velocity Of Propagation 0.86
Lebitso Capacitance
76 pF/m
Lebitso Tšoaro
0.19 μH/m
Cut-off Frequency 8.8GHz
Peak Power Rating 40 kW
Ho hanyetsa ho kenya letsoho ≥ 5000 MΩ x km
DC Breakdown Voltage 4000V
Jacket Spark Test Voltage Li-Vrms tse 8000
Inner Conductor DC-resistance ≤ 1.55 Ω/km
Outer Conductor DC-resistance ≤ 2.7 Ω/km
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