FMUSER Hospitality IPTV Solution e Felletseng ea Hotel IPTV System e nang le IPTV Hardware le Sistimi ea Tsamaiso


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    Choose IPTV over Cable TV - NO HESITATION!

    In the past, small hotels favored cable television for its lower costs and free program sources. However, with the increasing demand for enhanced stay experiences, simply watching TV no longer satisfies most hotel guests' entertainment needs.


    Unlike cable TV, an IPTV system offers a more advanced interactive experience, fulfilling various guest requirements through features like online meal ordering, video-on-demand, and even online check-out.


    An IPTV system integrates these entertainment functions, allowing guests to enjoy not only TV channels but also popular platforms like YouTube and Netflix. Additionally, it enables convenient online service ordering, such as meals and VOD.


    Today, an IPTV system has become a standard facility in hotel rooms, accelerating the upgrade process for hotels embracing this technology.


    Smart hoteliers focus on guest satisfaction and frequently introduce excellent services to enhance the stay experience. An IPTV system delivers hotel services right in front of guests, providing comfort and satisfaction. With just a few clicks of the remote, guests can carry on with their own business while awaiting your services.


    Your guests are BUSY LIVING! They prefer the convenience of enjoying meals without leaving the hotel after a long day. This presents an opportunity to increase your hotel's revenue.


    Upgrading to a hotel IPTV system has become a consensus among savvy hoteliers. However, finding a provider that offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, including front-end servers, IPTV Android Box, CMS systems, and interactive applications, can be challenging.

    Introducing FMUSER's Hotel IPTV Solution

    FMUSER, a leading hotel IPTV system integrator in China, offers customized solutions for hotels of all sizes. Our comprehensive range of hardware includes IRDs, hardware encoders, and IPTV servers. With our system, you have the flexibility to customize the quantity and specifications of each device based on your specific requirements.



    Whether you need more set-top boxes to expand IPTV coverage or hardware encoders/IRDs for different signal inputs like homebrew programs or TV satellite signals, we can tailor the system to meet your needs. Our team of experienced engineers will work closely with you to design the most suitable hotel IPTV system. Say goodbye to sourcing separate devices from multiple suppliers - FMUSER provides a complete end-to-end solution for your hotel IPTV system.


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    Complete IPTV System Architecture:

    FMUSER Hotel IPTV solution comprises various essential equipment, including but not limited to the following:


    FMUSER hotele IPTV tharollo


    1. Content Management Systems: including a management system for content sources and a content management system for customizing your hotel services. As for the management system, our engineer will set up almost everything in advance based on the information you provide before shipping, your engineer will only need to take care of the assembly part in your hotel.
    2. Satellite Dish and LNB (Low Noise Block): The satellite dish receives the satellite signals, while the LNB captures and amplifies the signals for further processing.
    3. EA-308-FBE Satellite Receivers (Integrated Receiver/Decoder - IRD): These receivers decode the satellite signals received by the dish and LNB into usable content, such as TV channels and programs.
    4. UHF Antenna and FBE302U UHF Receivers: The UHF antenna captures over-the-air broadcast signals, while the UHF receivers decode and process these signals for channel reception.
    5. EA-801-FBE IPTV Gateway (IPTV Server): The IPTV gateway acts as the central server in the IPTV system, managing and distributing TV channels, video-on-demand content, and other services to connected devices.
    6. Network Switches: Network switches facilitate the distribution of data and content within the IPTV system, ensuring seamless communication between different components.
    7. EA-010-FBE Li-Set-Top Mabokose (li-STB): Set-top boxes serve as user interfaces, connecting televisions to the IPTV system and allowing users to access and navigate through the available channels and content.
    8. RF Coaxial Cables for Satellite Dish: These cables transmit the satellite signals from the dish to the satellite receivers, ensuring a reliable and high-quality signal transmission.
    9. Likarolo le Lisebelisoa: Various parts and accessories such as coaxial feeder wire cutters, electrical waterproof tape, cable ties, F connectors, and a satellite finder are used for installation, maintenance, and optimization purposes.
    10. Hardware Encoders (HDMI, SDI, or others): Hardware encoders, such as HDMI or SDI encoders, are essential components in a hotel IPTV system as they enable the conversion of various audio and video signals into a format compatible with IP distribution. They ensure that different content sources, such as media players, cameras, or other devices, can be seamlessly integrated into the IPTV system, providing guests with a wide range of high-quality content options.
    11. Television Sets: Good quality television sets are essential for a hotel IPTV system as they ensure a high-definition viewing experience for guests, enhancing their entertainment and overall satisfaction during their stay. By providing crisp images, vibrant colors, and immersive sound, these television sets contribute to creating a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience for guests, elevating the overall quality and reputation of the hotel.


    FMUSER IPTV marangrang a lisebelisoa tsa marang-rang


    The FMUSER Hotel IPTV solution includes the mentioned equipment, but we can accommodate additional equipment based on buyers' needs. This ensures a comprehensive and customizable IPTV system for hotels, providing guests with a personalized and immersive entertainment experience.


    If you're having trouble finding the right devices or need assistance, our team is here to help. Connect with our engineers online, request a quotation via WhatsApp, or simply give us a call. We're always ready to assist you!


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    How FMUSER Hotel IPTV System Works?

    FMUSER's Hotel IPTV system seamlessly integrates multiple content sources to provide a comprehensive and immersive entertainment experience for hotel guests. Let's explore how different content sources are processed and delivered through our IPTV system.


    FMUSER HOTEL IPTV topology ea tharollo ea tsamaiso


    Ho e akaretsa

    The mentioned equipment work collaboratively to create a functional IPTV system. The satellite dish and LNB capture satellite signals, which are then decoded by the satellite receivers (IRD) to provide TV channels. The UHF antenna and receivers capture over-the-air broadcast signals. The IPTV gateway acts as the central server, managing the distribution of TV channels, video-on-demand content, and other services. Network switches ensure smooth data transmission, while set-top boxes serve as user interfaces for accessing the IPTV system.

    Content Sources Types

    Specifically, there will be 4 kinds of input signals transmitted to the hotel IPTV system, including satellite TV signals, homebrew program signals, and IP internet program signals.


    1. Satellite TV Signals (RF) with IPTV System:

    Satellite signals are the most complicated aspect of the entire deployment process within a hotel IPTV system. Understanding how the satellite signals are received, processed, and converted into IP format is crucial for a successful integration and distribution of satellite TV channels to guests. 


    TV programs are produced by content providers using professional equipment, encoded into a digital format, and then transmitted to a satellite uplink facility. From there, they are beamed up to a geostationary satellite, which broadcasts the signals to a designated coverage area where satellite dishes are installed at various locations, including hotels.


    These satellite dishes are equipped with dish reflectors, which capture and concentrate the incoming signals. Additionally, they feature an LNB (Low-Noise Block) connector that demodulates and decodes the received signals, allowing for further processing.


    The satellite TV signals originate from satellite service providers who transmit television programming via satellites in space. The satellite dish receives these signals, and the attached Low Noise Block (LNB) amplifies and sends them to the satellite receiver (Integrated Receiver/Decoder - IRD) within the IPTV system installed in the hotel.


    The IRD within the IPTV system plays a crucial role in the signal conversion process. It converts the RF signals received from the satellite dish into IP format, ensuring compatibility with the IPTV infrastructure. The IP-encoded satellite signals are then transmitted to the IPTV server, which centrally manages the distribution of content throughout the hotel.


    From the IPTV server, the signals are routed through the network switch to the set-top box (STB) connected to the guest's TV. The STB decodes the IP-encoded satellite signals, allowing guests to access and view the satellite TV channels on their TV screens.


    Proper configuration and alignment of the satellite dish, LNB, and satellite receiver are essential to ensure optimal signal reception and seamless viewing experiences for hotel guests.


    Simply Putting:


    Satellite TV Signals (RF) >> Satellite Dish (RF) >> Satellite Receiver (RF to IP) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> Set-Top Box >> TV


    Considering the cost, we have two solutions for different budget:


    • Tharollo ea Pro e nang le IRD: Satellite TV signals (RF) >> Network dish (RF) >> Professional Satellite Receiver IRD (RF to IP) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> Set-Top Box >> TV
    • Tharollo e theko e tlaase ka STB: Satellite TV signals (RF) >> Satellite Antenna (RF) >> STB Satellite Receiver (RF to HDMI) >> HDMI Encoder (HDMI to IP) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> STB >> TV


    2. UHF Signals with IPTV System:

    UHF signals are terrestrial over-the-air broadcasts, transmitted by terrestrial broadcast stations. The UHF signals transmitted by terrestrial broadcast stations are first captured by the UHF receiver within the IPTV system. The UHF receiver processes and decodes these signals, preparing them for further distribution. The IPTV encoder then converts the UHF signals into IP format, enabling seamless integration into the IPTV system. The IP-encoded UHF signals are transmitted to the IPTV server, which manages and distributes the content. From there, the signals are routed through the network switch to the set-top box (STB) connected to the guest's TV. The STB decodes the IP-encoded UHF signals, allowing guests to access and view the UHF channels on their TV screens.


    Simply Putting:


    UHF Signals (from terrestrial broadcast stations) >> UHF Receiver >> IPTV Encoder (UHF to IP) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> Set-Top Box >> TV


    3. Homebrew Signals (HDMI, SDI, MP3, MP4, etc.) with IPTV System:

    Homebrew Signals are typically generated by devices like media players, gaming consoles, or other external sources that connect to the IPTV system. The homebrew signals in various formats, such as HDMI, SDI, MP3, MP4, and others, are first captured and converted into IP-compatible format using a capture device or IPTV encoder. The capture device or encoder processes the analog or digital signals, encoding them into IP streams. The IP-encoded homebrew signals are then transmitted to the IPTV server, which manages and distributes the content. From the server, the signals are routed through the network switch to the set-top box (STB) connected to the guest's TV. The STB decodes the IP-encoded homebrew signals, allowing guests to access and view the content on their TV screens.


    Simply Putting:


    Homebrew Signals (HDMI, SDI, MP3, MP4, etc.) >> Capture Device (Analog/Digital to IP) >> IPTV Encoder (Analog/Digital to IP) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> Set-Top Box >> TV


    4. IP Signals (from the internet, YouTube, etc.):


    IP signals refer to content sourced from the internet, such as streaming platforms like YouTube, Netflix, or other online video services. FMUSER's IPTV system features an IPTV gateway or server that retrieves and processes IP signals. The IPTV gateway connects to the internet and retrieves the desired IP content. The received IP signals are then encoded, formatted into IP streams, and distributed within the IPTV system for guests to access.


    Simply Putting:


    IP Signals (from the internet, YouTube, etc.) >> IPTV Server >> Network Switch >> Set-Top Box >> TV


    By incorporating a wide range of signals, including satellite TV, UHF, homebrew, and IP signals, FMUSER's Hotel IPTV system offers guests a diverse selection of high-quality content. These signals are efficiently processed, converted into IP format where necessary, and distributed throughout the hotel's network infrastructure. This ensures that guests can enjoy an immersive and tailored entertainment experience during their stay. Turnkey Hotel IPTV Solution & Services

    FMUSER delivers tailored hotel IPTV solutions to enhance guest satisfaction. With extensive channel options, interactive features, and seamless integration with existing systems, we provide a streamlined and immersive entertainment experience. Our expert technicians offer on-site installation and pre-configuration services, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Partner with FMUSER to elevate your hotel IPTV experience.


    1. Customized IPTV Solutions:


    • Tailored IPTV system design and implementation to meet the unique requirements of each hotel.
    • Consultation and collaboration with hotel management to ensure the system aligns with their specific needs.


    2. On-Site Installation and Configuration:


    • Experienced technicians who will visit the hotel premises for a professional installation and configuration of the IPTV system.
    • Thorough assessment of the hotel's infrastructure and requirements to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.
    • Installation of necessary hardware and equipment, including set-top boxes, servers, switches, and cabling, with minimal disruption to hotel operations.
    • Configuration of the IPTV system according to the hotel's specific needs, such as channel lineup, branding, and tailored functionalities.
    • Testing and quality assurance to ensure all components are working seamlessly and delivering an exceptional guest experience. 


    3. Pre-Configuration for Plug-and-Play Installation:


    • Benefit from our pre-configuration service where 90% of the complex settings and configurations of the hotel IPTV system are fixed before delivery.
    • This minimizes the need for on-site setup, reducing operating costs and saving time for hotel employees.
    • Enjoy a plug-and-play installation experience with minimal downtime, ensuring a faster deployment and quicker availability of IPTV services to guests.


    4. Extensive Channel Selection:


    • A diverse range of channels catering to various demographics and interests, including international channels, sports networks, news channels, and premium content providers.
    • Ability to add and remove channels based on guest preferences and evolving market trends.


    5. Interactive Features and Functionality:


    • Interactive program guides with detailed information about shows, schedules, and on-demand content.
    • Personalized recommendations and suggestions based on guest viewing habits.
    • Guest-requested functionalities such as language preferences, parental controls, and easy-to-use interfaces.


    6. High-Quality Content Delivery:


    • Seamless streaming of high-definition (HD) content, ensuring a superior guest viewing experience.
    • Support for multiple devices, including smart TVs, mobile devices, and tablets.


    7. Kopanyo le Tsamaiso ea Lihotele:


    • Integration with existing hotel infrastructure, such as property management systems (PMS), billing systems, and guest communication platforms.
    • Room automation capabilities, allowing guests to control lights, temperature, and other amenities through the IPTV system.

    8. 24/7 Technical Support:


    • Dedicated technical support team available round the clock to address any system issues or guest concerns.
    • Proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure uninterrupted service and timely troubleshooting.


    9. Content Management:


    • Content licensing and acquisition services, providing access to a wide range of movies, TV series, and on-demand content.
    • Content scheduling and management tools, allowing hotels to curate their own branded content or promotional materials.


    10. Training and Documentation:


    • Comprehensive training programs for hotel staff to ensure smooth operation and management of the IPTV system.
    • Detailed documentation and user manuals for easy reference and troubleshooting.

    Main Features

    When introducing the main features of FMUSER Hotel IPTV system, it is important to highlight the unique capabilities and benefits that set it apart. Here are some key features that can be implemented into the "Product Main Features" section:


    1. Multi-Language Custom Support:


    We understand the importance of catering to a diverse guest base, which is why our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system offers multi-language custom support.


    We can customize the system to provide content and user interfaces in different languages, ensuring a truly localized experience for your guests.


    With the ability to adapt to specific language requirements, you can effectively serve international guests and create a welcoming environment.


    By highlighting the multi-language custom support feature, you demonstrate your flexibility in meeting the language needs of your hotel guests. This customization can significantly enhance their experience and satisfaction during their stay.


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    2. Custom Interface:

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system offers a unique and customizable interface that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. With the ability to customize system information for each room, including different levels such as VIP, standard, or medium, you can create a personalized experience for your guests.


    FMUSER hotele ea IPTV sehokelo sa mantlha sa menu


    The interface customization extends to various elements, including icons for menu buttons, background images when the TV is turned on, and interface backgrounds for detailed menu pages.


    Whether you prefer static images or dynamic videos, our system allows you to choose custom backgrounds that align with your hotel's branding and aesthetic.


    After choosing the default language, another interface will be displayed with hotel logo, room number, Wifi information, date information, and a menu bar below.


    The menu bar is the most important part of this interface, it consists of 7 important sections that can help increase stay-in experience for your hotel, and they are:


    1. LIVE Pro: This section offers a wide range of TV programs, both free and paid, accessible through various devices such as satellite, UHF, HDMI, SDI, and more.
    2. Hotele: This section provides a concise introduction to the hotel, showcasing its facilities and infrastructure to guests.
    3. Lijo: Guests can conveniently order food and drinks from the hotel's restaurant through this online platform. Orders will be sent directly to the reception and then forwarded to the hotel kitchen.
    4. Tšebeletso: This section allows guests to access a variety of hotel services online, such as wake-up reminders, room service, laundry services, and more.
    5. Sebaka sa tlhaho: Explore nearby scenic spots in this section, presenting an excellent opportunity for collaboration with these attractions, benefiting both parties in terms of revenue, guest influx, and reputation.
    6. VOD: Video-on-demand (VOD) enables the hotel to upload a selection of paid and free content, including movies, programs, and more, for the guests' entertainment.
    7. App: In this section, the hotel can upload popular apps like HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., giving guests the ability to use these apps on the TV sets with their personal account information.


    By highlighting the Custom Interface feature, you emphasize the versatility and personalization options available with our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system. This feature allows you to create a visually appealing and branded interface that enhances the overall guest experience and reflects the unique identity of your hotel.


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    3. Custom Guest Information:

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system allows you to provide personalized guest information as per your requirements. With this feature, you can customize the welcome message with the guest's name, creating a warm and personalized greeting upon their arrival.




    Once your guest powers on the IPTV system in the guest rooms, they will see a boot interface. This boot interface provides an opportunity for customization, allowing you to create a unique experience for your guests. You can easily customize your guests' names and designate their names on the content management system of your hotel IPTV system, ensuring a personalized touch.


    In addition to the welcome message, you can also customize the background with videos or images that showcase your hotel. By incorporating a promotional video, you can create a captivating and immersive experience for your guests, leaving a lasting impression. Videos have a greater impact than static images, making them an ideal choice for engaging your guests.


    Furthermore, our hotel IPTV system allows for the display of scrolling subtitles in the boot interface. This feature enables you to provide important information to your guests in a dynamic and attention-grabbing manner. For instance, you can use scrolling subtitles to inform guests about the opening hours of the SPA room, the availability of buffet services, or the timing of the swimming pool opening. This ensures that your guests stay informed about the various amenities and offerings of your hotel.




    The "Boot Interface" section plays a crucial role in gaining the trust of your guests, as it sets the initial impression of your hotel. By customizing guest information, you can enhance communication and provide convenient access to essential details, ensuring a seamless and comfortable stay for your guests.


    By including the Custom Guest Information feature, you emphasize your ability to provide a personalized and informative experience for your guests. This feature not only adds a personal touch but also provides essential information in a convenient and easily accessible manner, enhancing guest satisfaction and overall experience. It showcases your commitment to creating a memorable stay and reflects the attention to detail that sets your hotel apart from others.


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    4. TV Sets Bundle:


    As part of our comprehensive solution, we offer the advantage of bundling suitable TV sets with compatible Android versions for seamless integration with our Hotel IPTV system.


    Through our long-term cooperation with local TV set manufacturers, we ensure that the TVs provided are fully compatible and optimized for our IPTV system.


    For new hotels implementing an IPTV system or existing hotels transitioning from cable TV to IPTV, we offer discounted and reasonable bundle prices, covering both the IPTV system and TV sets.


    By choosing our TV sets bundle, you can simplify the procurement process, ensure compatibility, and benefit from a seamless and hassle-free integration of hardware and software.


    By highlighting the TV sets bundle feature, you showcase the convenience and cost-effectiveness of obtaining compatible TV sets along with the FMUSER Hotel IPTV system. This bundled solution reduces complexity, enhances compatibility, and provides added value for hotels seeking a comprehensive IPTV deployment or upgrading their existing TV sets.


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    5. TV Program Configuration:

    With our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system, you have full control over TV program selection and configuration, allowing you to provide a customized and diverse in-room entertainment experience for your guests.


    FMUSER hotele ea IPTV e rarolla karolo ea lenaneo la Live Pro TV


    Our system offers the flexibility to choose TV programs from various sources, including satellite, UHF, and homebrew programs. This means you can incorporate multi-format live programs, such as HDMI, SDI, and more, to meet the preferences of your guests.


    By utilizing satellite sources, you can curate a tailored program list that aligns with your guests' interests and preferences. Our intuitive management system makes it easy to add or remove free or paid programs, giving you the freedom to continuously update and refine the selection.


    In addition to satellite TV, our system also supports UHF TV programs and other content sources, such as HDMI inputs. This comprehensive range of entertainment options ensures that your guests have access to a wide variety of channels and programming.


    Furthermore, our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system supports scrolling subtitles and forced-in streams. This means you can take advantage of advertising opportunities by displaying targeted messages or promotions to your guests while they are using the IPTV system. For example, you can showcase the presence of a canteen inside the hotel or promote the swimming pool on the 2nd floor through forced-in stream videos.


    By highlighting the TV program configuration feature, you showcase your ability to provide a wide variety of TV programs and sources, ensuring a diverse and engaging in-room entertainment experience. This level of customization allows you to cater to the specific preferences of your guests and create a unique stay for them. It demonstrates your commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment options and enhances guest satisfaction during their stay at your hotel.


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    6. Video on Demand (VOD):

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system includes a robust Video on Demand (VOD) feature, allowing guests to access a wide selection of movies, TV series, and on-demand content.


    FMUSER hotele ea IPTV e rarolla video ea VOD mabapi le tlhokahalo


    The VOD function offers you the flexibility to customize video-on-demand and its classifications. In the VOD section, you can upload hotel promotional videos to manage the content displayed on the hotel lobby screen. This not only helps enhance the guest's trust in your hotel but also serves as a promotional tool. Additionally, you can upload both free and paid videos to specific rooms during specified time periods.


    For VIP guests, it is recommended to provide high-quality paid videos, as they have a higher accommodation budget. For standard room guests, offering classic movies that are charge-free would be more suitable. By tailoring the video selection to different guest segments, you can provide a personalized and enjoyable in-room entertainment experience.


    Moreover, you have the ability to test a few paid videos to gauge whether standard room guests are willing to pay for them. This allows you to explore additional revenue opportunities and maximize the potential of your VOD service.


    Our intuitive management system makes it easy to upload and customize video information. You can add video titles, descriptions, pricing (paid or free), and video covers, organizing them into video albums for easy navigation. This seamless integration with the VOD feature enhances the On-Demand Content Library, providing guests with a vast array of premium content to enjoy at their convenience.


    By offering a diverse range of on-demand video content, you can create a truly engaging and personalized in-room entertainment experience for your guests. The VOD feature showcases your commitment to providing a wide variety of entertainment options, ensuring that guests can enjoy their favorite content whenever they desire.


    By including the Video on Demand (VOD) aspect, you emphasize your ability to provide an extensive collection of on-demand content while highlighting the ease of uploading and customizing video information. This feature enhances the overall in-room entertainment experience and allows guests to enjoy their favorite content at their convenience. It further demonstrates your dedication to delivering a memorable and enjoyable stay for your guests.


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    7. Hotel Introduction:

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system offers a unique feature that allows you to introduce your hotel to guests in a comprehensive and engaging way.


    FMUSER hotele IPTV tharollo karolo ea lintlha tsa hotele


    The Hotel Introduction function enables you to advertise your hotel and provide detailed information about each specific room or place for hotel publicity. You can upload images and information to showcase the various features and offerings in your hotel.


    For example, you can inform VIP room guests about the Parent-child area on the 2nd floor, including the number of rooms available, opening hours, and the amenities provided. Similarly, you can notify all business room guests through this section that the Rooftop Bar is now open and offer information about the timings and available food and drink options. Such updates can excite and engage guests, encouraging them to spend more time and money within your hotel.


    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system's Hotel Introduction feature allows guests to explore the entire hotel, understand its infrastructure, amenities, and services from different departments. They can navigate specific floors, discover facilities like swimming pools, spa rooms, restaurants, and more. This comprehensive introduction not only helps guests efficiently navigate the hotel but also promotes the hotel's culture, history, and unique selling points. This fosters trust and encourages guests to extend their stay, explore more within the hotel, and take advantage of the various offerings.


    By including the Hotel Introduction feature, you highlight the ability of the FMUSER Hotel IPTV system to provide guests with valuable information about the hotel's infrastructure, amenities, and cultural aspects. This enhances the guest experience, fosters a sense of trust, and encourages guests to spend more time within the hotel, leading to increased guest satisfaction and potentially generating additional revenue for your establishment. It showcases your commitment to providing a comprehensive and engaging hotel experience for your guests.


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    8. Food Menu & Order:

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system offers a convenient Food Menu & Order feature, allowing guests to order food and drinks directly from the hotel restaurant using their TV remote.


    FMUSER hotele ea IPTV karolo ea ho odara lijo inthaneteng


    In the "Food" section, guests can explore a customizable food menu that includes various classifications such as local food, barbecue, and more. You have the flexibility to customize these classifications based on your hotel's food services. Additionally, the food images, prices, and order quantity can be personalized to entice guests to place their orders. High-quality food images play a crucial role in influencing guests' ordering decisions.


    Within the classification, guests can easily check their current orders as well as review their order history in the "My order" and "History Order" sections. To place an order, guests simply need to select the desired quantity and submit it by pressing the "OK" button. The order is then sent to the IPTV management system, which is monitored by the receptionists. After confirming the order, the food will be prepared and delivered to the designated room. It is important to press "finish" in the management system after the food or drink is sent to complete the order.


    The "Food" section of our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system is a powerful feature that can directly contribute to increasing your revenue. By uploading enticing food images, setting competitive prices, and offering appealing food combinations, you can attract guests to order more.


    Our system ensures a seamless dining experience for guests, as the food costs are calculated and added to the guest's final bill at check-out. This streamlines the ordering process and provides guests with a convenient and hassle-free dining experience.


    By including the Food Menu & Order feature, you emphasize the convenience and efficiency of our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system for ordering food directly from the hotel restaurant. This feature enhances guest satisfaction by providing a seamless dining experience, allowing guests to explore the menu, place orders effortlessly, and keep track of their expenses throughout their stay. It showcases your commitment to providing exceptional service and convenience to your guests.


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    9. Hotel Service Integration:

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system offers seamless integration of hotel services into a single, easy-to-use section, providing guests with a convenient and efficient way to access various services during their stay.


    FMUSER hotele ea IPTV e fana ka tharollo ea litšebeletso tsa hotele inthaneteng


    With the "Service" function, you can customize and offer a comprehensive range of hotel services to your guests. This includes services such as housekeeping, borrowing items, taxi arrangements, wake-up calls, information queries, and check-out services.


    When guests place service orders through this section, the requests are automatically notified in the management system and delivered to the designated receptionist. This allows for prompt responses and efficient coordination with the corresponding hotel departments.


    By digitizing and automating the service ordering process, our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system eliminates the need for traditional paper-based methods. Guests can easily access and request services using the TV remote control, enhancing convenience and reducing unnecessary paperwork.


    The integration of hotel services into our IPTV system ensures a streamlined experience for guests, from order placement to fulfillment. This feature simplifies the service experience and enhances guest satisfaction, as services can be easily accessed and enjoyed without any hassle or delay.


    By highlighting the Hotel Service Integration feature, you emphasize the convenience and efficiency that our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system brings to guests. This integration simplifies the service experience, eliminates the need for physical papers, and streamlines the process from order placement to fulfillment. Guests can easily access and enjoy a wide range of hotel services, enhancing their overall stay and satisfaction. It showcases your commitment to providing exceptional service and convenience to your guests.


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    10. Scenic Spots Introduction:

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system offers a Scenic Spots Introduction feature that allows customizing the presentation of nearby attractions to guests.


    FMUSER hotele ea IPTV karolo ea litšebeletso tse haufi


    With this feature, you have the opportunity to increase both the turnover and popularity of your hotel. By collaborating with businesses around your hotel, such as carnivals, sports centers, and scenic areas, you can upload their information and earn a consultant fee. In return, these businesses can guide more guests to your hotel for accommodation after they have enjoyed their activities throughout the day. This creates an efficient way to generate more turnover and increase the overall popularity of your hotel.


    The Scenic Spots Introduction feature provides guests with detailed information about nearby attractions and scenic spots. Through images and descriptions, guests can explore and learn about the various options available in the vicinity of the hotel, enhancing their stay and filling their leisure time with enjoyable activities.


    This feature is especially beneficial for families and guests with children who are looking for suitable attractions and places to visit during their stay. Customization options allow you to tailor the presentation of specific attractions to different room types, catering to the preferences of your guests. For VIP rooms, exclusive recommendations such as nearby casinos can be highlighted, offering a personalized touch.


    Furthermore, our system facilitates partnerships with these scenic spots, ensuring reciprocal benefits. These attractions can recommend your hotel to their guests, while you can provide your guests with information and special offers from these partner establishments. This collaboration enhances guest satisfaction and fosters mutually beneficial relationships.


    By including the Scenic Spots Introduction feature, you showcase the value-added benefits of our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system. This feature enriches the guest experience by providing information about local attractions, helping guests make the most of their leisure time and creating memorable experiences. Additionally, partnerships with these scenic spots enhance guest satisfaction and foster mutually beneficial relationships. It demonstrates your commitment to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable stay for your guests.


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    11. APP Store:

    Our FMUSER Hotel IPTV system includes an integrated APP Store, providing guests with access to popular apps for watching internet content online.


    The APP Store offers a selection of renowned apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and more, allowing guests to enjoy their preferred content using their own account information.


    In addition to the content available through UHF, satellite, HDMI, and the VOD library, guests can personalize their TV program preferences by accessing content from these popular apps.


    Hotel management has the flexibility to curate the APPs available in the store, ensuring that they align with the preferences and interests of local guests.


    By highlighting the APP Store feature, you showcase the versatility and customization options of the FMUSER Hotel IPTV system. This feature enables guests to access their favorite internet content through popular apps, providing them with a personalized and immersive entertainment experience. Additionally, hotel management can tailor the available apps to cater to the preferences of the local clientele, further enhancing guest satisfaction.


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    Applications Product

    The FMUSER Hotel IPTV system is not limited to hotels and resorts alone. Its versatile features and functionalities make it suitable for deployment in various industries. Here are some of the applications where our IPTV system can be utilized:


    1. Hotel & Resorts:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can revolutionize the hospitality industry by enhancing guest experiences and streamlining operations in hotels and resorts. Our comprehensive in-room entertainment solution, personalized content, and seamless services provide a truly immersive and unforgettable stay for guests.


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, hotels can provide a wide range of content to guest rooms, including live TV broadcasts, movie on-demand options, and information alerts. This ensures that guests have access to a diverse and engaging entertainment experience right from the comfort of their rooms. Additionally, our solution seamlessly integrates with other computer control systems within the hotel, such as energy management and room status management systems, further enhancing operational efficiency.


    IPTV Benefits within the Hotel & Resorts Industry:


    • Comprehensive in-room entertainment: Deliver a vast selection of channels, movies, and on-demand content to cater to guests' preferences.
    • Personalized content: Provide tailored recommendations and interactive features to create a personalized experience for each guest.
    • Seamless services: Integrate with other hotel management systems to streamline operations and enhance guest satisfaction.
    • Tsamaiso ea matla: Optimize energy consumption by integrating IPTV with energy management systems, allowing guests to control room amenities efficiently.
    • Room status management: Display real-time room status updates, enabling faster and more accurate communication between housekeeping and front desk staff.


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    2. Governmental Institutions:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can revolutionize communication and information dissemination within governmental institutions, enabling effective collaboration and public engagement. Our solution provides a reliable platform for government agencies to directly disseminate important information to the public, ensuring efficient communication and real-time updates.


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, governmental institutions can leverage the power of IPTV to facilitate internal collaboration and streamline communication processes. By broadcasting press conferences, announcements, and emergency event alerts through the IPTV system, government agencies can ensure that vital information reaches the public promptly and accurately.


    IPTV Benefits within Governmental Institutions:


    • Internal collaboration: Enable effective communication and collaboration among different departments and offices within the government institution.
    • Public engagement: Engage with the public by broadcasting important announcements, updates, and emergency alerts.
    • Information dissemination: Ensure that crucial information reaches the public in real-time, enhancing transparency and accountability.


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    3. Lipalangoang tsa Sechaba:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can revolutionize the public transportation industry by providing passengers with entertainment, information, and announcements during their journeys. Our solution offers a reliable platform for public transportation systems to deliver real-time updates and enhance the overall passenger experience.


    Sheba hape: Mokhoa oa ho khetha IPTV Sistimi ea Cruise Line le Likepe


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, public transportation systems can seamlessly deploy IPTV systems in trains, railways, cruise ships, and other transportation settings. This allows passengers to access a wide range of content, including real-time announcements, weather forecasts, news reports, and on-demand entertainment programs, keeping them informed and entertained throughout their journey.


    IPTV Benefits within Public Transportation:


    • Real-time announcements: Broadcast important updates, such as delays, schedule changes, and safety information, to keep passengers informed.
    • Weather forecasts: Provide passengers with up-to-date weather forecasts so they can plan their travel accordingly.
    • Litlaleho tsa litaba: Keep passengers informed about current events and news happening locally and globally.
    • On-demand entertainment: Offer passengers a diverse selection of on-demand entertainment programs, such as movies and TV shows, to enhance their journey experience.


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    4. Enterprises & Businesses:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can revolutionize internal communication and employee engagement within enterprises and businesses. Our solution offers a powerful platform for broadcasting company news, training materials, and important announcements across various departments and locations, enhancing cooperation and collaboration.


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, enterprises can establish internal training and communication channels that improve overall communication and employee engagement. By broadcasting company news, training materials, and important announcements, our solution ensures that all employees receive consistent and up-to-date information.


    IPTV Benefits within Enterprises & Businesses:


    • Internal training: Deliver training materials and educational content to employees, enabling continuous learning and skills development.
    • Company news broadcast: Keep employees informed about the latest company updates, achievements, and initiatives.
    • Important announcements: Broadcast critical announcements and alerts to ensure that important information reaches all employees in a timely manner.
    • Department-specific content: Tailor content to specific departments, enabling targeted communication and collaboration.


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    5. Restaurant & Small Shops:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can enhance the dining and shopping experiences in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and other small shops. Our solution offers a dynamic and immersive ambience by providing various cooking displays, slow cooking demonstrations, and showcasing gourmet dishes.


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, restaurants and small shops can create an engaging atmosphere for their customers, enhancing their dining and shopping experiences. It is important, however, to ensure that the IPTV system does not disrupt other guests' experiences or interfere with the overall ambiance.


    IPTV Benefits within Restaurant & Small Shops:


    • Cooking displays: Showcase cooking demonstrations, allowing customers to witness the preparation of delicious dishes and enhancing the dining experience.
    • Slow cooking demonstrations: Present the slow cooking process to create anticipation and highlight the craftsmanship of gourmet dishes.
    • Liphahamiso tse khethehileng: Display special promotions, discounts, or upcoming events to attract customers and encourage repeat visits.
    • Menu highlights: Showcase featured menu items or daily specials to pique customers' interest and influence their ordering choices.


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    6. Indasteri ea tlhokomelo ea bophelo:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can revolutionize patient experiences in the healthcare industry by providing a range of services, including entertainment, educational content, patient information, and communication services. Our solution enhances the overall patient experience in hospitals, healthcare institutions, and nursing homes.


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, hospitals can provide educational videos, medical information, and entertainment programs to nursing stations and patient beds. This ensures that patients have access to valuable resources and entertainment options during their stay. Additionally, our solution can be utilized in operating rooms, diagnostic rooms, and training centers to facilitate communication and educational purposes.


    IPTV Benefits within the Healthcare Industry:


    • Thuto ea bakuli: Deliver educational videos and medical information to patients, empowering them to better understand their conditions and treatments.
    • Likhetho tsa boithabiso: Provide patients with a variety of entertainment programs to alleviate stress and enhance their overall well-being.
    • Lintlha tsa mokuli: Display important patient information, such as appointment schedules, medication reminders, and safety guidelines.
    • Communication services: Enable seamless communication between healthcare staff and patients, enhancing the efficiency and quality of care.


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    7. Residential Areas:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can be configured in private residence systems, transforming residential areas such as apartments, private residences, and villas into personalized and connected living spaces. Our solution delivers a wide range of content, information, and communication services directly to the residents.


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, residential areas can implement IPTV systems that cater to the unique needs and preferences of residents. This allows for the delivery of personalized content, including movies, TV shows, news, and more. Additionally, residents can access relevant information such as local events, weather updates, and community announcements.


    IPTV Benefits within Residential Areas:


    • Personalized content: Provide residents with a diverse selection of entertainment options tailored to their preferences.
    • Information services: Display local events, weather forecasts, community announcements, and other relevant information.
    • Communication services: Enable residents to easily communicate with property management or community members through the IPTV system.
    • Residential community updates: Broadcast community news, activities, and updates to foster a sense of belonging and engagement.


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    8. Sports Industry:


    FMUSER's IPTV System can revolutionize the sports industry by enhancing the sports experience for audiences in gyms, stadiums, and sports facilities. Our solution offers a wide range of features, including live sports broadcasts, replays, highlights, and interactive features, increasing the entertainment value and stickiness for fans.


    With FMUSER's IPTV System, sports venues can provide fans with live broadcasts of sporting events, allowing them to witness the action in real-time. Additionally, replays and highlights can be showcased, enabling fans to relive memorable moments. Interactive features, such as predictive analysis, can further engage fans and provide additional revenue sources through interactive betting or fantasy sports experiences.


    IPTV Benefits within the Sports Industry:


    • Live sports broadcasts: Offer fans the opportunity to enjoy live sports events and matches as they happen, creating an immersive experience.
    • Replays and highlights: Allow fans to watch replays and highlights of key moments, ensuring they don't miss any thrilling action.
    • Likarolo tsa puisano: Engage fans with interactive features like predictive analysis, betting options, and fantasy sports, enhancing fan engagement and providing additional revenue opportunities.


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    9. Education Industry


    FMUSER's IPTV System can greatly benefit educational institutions by providing a range of educational and interactive features. With our solution, educational institutions can enhance the learning experience for students and streamline communication within the campus.


    FMUSER's IPTV System can be deployed in educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities to deliver a comprehensive educational platform. Our solution enables institutions to offer live classes, on-demand educational videos, interactive quizzes, and other engaging content. This promotes active learning and allows students to access educational materials at their convenience.


    IPTV Benefits within Educational Institutions:


    • Live classes: Conduct live classes, enabling students to participate in real-time discussions and interactions with their instructors and peers.
    • On-demand educational videos: Provide access to a vast library of educational videos that cover various subjects and topics.
    • Interactive quizzes: Engage students with interactive quizzes and assessments, promoting active learning and knowledge retention.
    • Campus-wide announcements: Broadcast important announcements, event updates, and campus news to keep students, faculty, and staff informed.


    These are just a few examples of the versatile applications of FMUSER Hotel IPTV system. Our solution can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each industry, providing a seamless and immersive experience for customers, employees, and residents alike.


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    The Ultimate Hotel IPTV System FAQ List

    Litaba tse latelang li na le manane a 2 a fapaneng a FAQ, e 'ngoe e le ea mookameli oa hotele le mookameli oa hotele, haholo-holo e shebane le metheo ea sistimi, ha lethathamo le leng e le la lienjiniere tsa lihotele, tse shebaneng le boiphihlelo ba sistimi ea IPTV.


    Ha re qaleng ka metheo ea tsamaiso ea Hotel IPTV, 'me ho na le lipotso tse 7 tse botsoang haholo ke batsamaisi ba lihotele le baokameli, e leng: 


    Lethathamo la Lipotso Bakeng sa Bahoebi


    1. Theko ea tsamaiso ee ea hotele ea IPTV ke bokae?
    2. Melemo ea mantlha ea sistimi ea hau ea hotele ea IPTV ke efe?
    3. Nka sebelisa sistimi ee ea IPTV joang ntle le hotele?
    4. Hobaneng ke lokela ho khetha hotele ea FMUSER IPTV sistimi ho feta thelevishene ea cable?
    5. Nka bapatsa joang ka sistimi ea hau ea IPTV ho baeti ba ka ba hoteleng?
    6. A na nka hlahisa lebitso la moeti oa ka oa hotele ka sistimi ee ea IPTV?
    7. Na ke hloka ho hira moenjiniere ho sebelisa sistimi ea hau ea hotele ea IPTV?


    Q1: Theko ea sistimi ee ea IPTV ea hotele ke bokae?


    Theko ea sistimi ea rona ea IPTV bakeng sa lihotele e fapana ho tloha ho $4,000 ho isa ho $20,000. E ipapisitse le palo ea likamore tsa hotele, mehloli ea mananeo, le litlhoko tse ling. Baenjiniere ba rona ba tla ntlafatsa lisebelisoa tsa lisebelisoa tsa IPTV ho latela litlhoko tsa hau tsa mantlha.


    Q2: Melemo ea mantlha ea sistimi ea hau ea IPTV ea hotele ke efe?


    1. Taba ea pele, tsamaiso ea IPTV ea hotele ea FMUSER ke tharollo ea li-turnkey e theko e tlase ka halofo ea theko joalo ka bahlolisani ba rona mme e sebetsa hantle le ha e ntse e sebetsa 24/7.
    2. Ho feta moo, ena hape ke sistimi e tsoetseng pele ea ho kopanya ea IPTV e nang le moralo o tsitsitseng oa lisebelisoa o lumellang baeti ba hau boiphihlelo bo botle ba ho shebella nakong ea bona ea phomolo.
    3. Ho feta moo, sistimi ena e sebetsa hantle ea tsamaiso ea bolulo bakeng sa lihotele, ho kenyeletsoa ho tsoa / ho tsoa kamoreng, ho reka lijo, ho hira lintho, joalo-joalo.
    4. Ho sa le joalo, ke sistimi e felletseng ea papatso ea lihotele e lumellang lipapatso tsa multimedia joalo ka video, mongolo le linepe ho latela litlhoko tsa hau tsa nnete.
    5. Joalo ka moralo oa UI o kopantsoeng haholo, sistimi ena e ka lebisa baeti ba hau ho barekisi ba khethiloeng ba haufi le hotele ea hau mme e thusa ho eketsa chelete ea hau.
    6. Qetellong, ke sistimi ea IPTV ea hotele e nang le scalability e matla mme e lumella ho kenya matšoao a fapaneng joalo ka UHF, satellite TV, HDMI, jj.)


    Q3: Nka sebelisa sistimi ee ea IPTV joang ntle le hotele?


    Ke potso e ntle eo! Sistimi ena ea hotele ea IPTV e hlile e etselitsoe litlhoko tsa lits'ebeletso tsa IPTV likamoreng tse ngata tsa marobalo, ho kenyeletsoa ho amohela baeti, li-motels, sechaba, lihostele tsa bacha, likepe tse kholo tsa likepe, lichankana, lipetlele, jj.


    Q4: Hobaneng ke lokela ho khetha hotele ea FMUSER IPTV sistimi ho feta thelevishene ea cable?


    Joalokaha ke boletse pejana, tsamaiso ena ea hotele ea IPTV ke tharollo e kopantsoeng haholo e nolofalletsang mesebetsi e mengata ea ho penya ha 'ngoe bakeng sa litšebeletso tsa kamore ea IPTV ea hotele, mohlala, leqephe le amohelehang la lehae, menu, VOD, ho laela, le mesebetsi e meng. Ka ho etela litaba tse kentsoeng ke lienjineri tsa hau esale pele, baeti ba hau ba tla thaba le ho feta nakong ea bolulo ba bona, sena se thusa ho ntlafatsa khoebo ea hau. Leha ho le joalo, cable TV e ne e ke ke ea etsa joalo kaha ha se sistimi e sebelisanang haholo joalo ka sistimi ea IPTV, e tlisa mananeo a TV FEELA.


    Q5: Nka bapatsa joang ka sistimi ea hau ea IPTV ho baeti ba ka ba hoteleng?


    Che, o kanna oa kopa lienjiniere tsa hau ho beha lipapatso tse fapaneng bakeng sa baeti ba khethiloeng ba laetseng kamore ea VIP kapa kamore e tloaelehileng. Ka mohlala, u ka kenya mongolo oa papatso 'me ua ba bontša ka loop ho baeti ha ba ntse ba shebeletse mananeo a TV. Bakeng sa baeti ba VIP, papatso e kanna ea tšoana le "Tšebeletso ea Spa le kolofo e se e buletsoe baeti ba VIP mokatong oa 3, ka kopo odara tekete pele". Bakeng sa likamore tse tloaelehileng, papatso e ka tšoana le "Buffet dinner le biri li buloa mokatong oa bobeli pele ho 2 PM, ka kopo odara tekete pele". U ka boela ua theha melaetsa e mengata ea lipapatso bakeng sa likhoebo tse haufi le ho ntlafatsa bokhoni ba ho reka.


    Hohle ho mabapi le ho eketseha ha chelete ea lihotele, na ha ho joalo?


    Q6: A na nka hlahisa lebitso la moeti oa ka oa hotele ka sistimi ee ea IPTV?


    E, ke 'nete. U ka kopa lienjiniere tsa hau tsa hotele ho kenya litaba tse amanang le tsamaiso ea sistimi. Baeti ba hau ba tla bona lebitso la hae le hlahisoa ka bo eona skrineng sa TV ka mokhoa oa tumeliso hang ha IPTV e buletsoe. E tla tšoana le "Mong. Wick, Welcome to Ray Chan's hotel"


    Q7: Na ke hloka ho hira moenjiniere ho sebelisa sistimi ea hau ea hotele ea IPTV?


    U tla hloka ho sebetsa le lienjineri tsa sistimi ea rona nakong ea tlhophiso ea pele ea lisebelisoa. 'Me hang ha re qetile ka tlhophiso, sistimi e tla sebetsa ka bo eona 24/7. Ha ho hlokahale tlhokomelo e tloaelehileng. Mang kapa mang ea tsebang ho sebelisa komporo o lekane ho sebelisa sistimi ena ea IPTV ka boeena.


    Kahoo, lena ke lethathamo la lipotso tse 7 tse atisang ho botsoa ho metheo ea sistimi ea IPTV. 'Me litaba tse latelang ke lethathamo la Lipotso mabapi le tsebo ea tsamaiso ea IPTV ea hotele, haeba u ne u le moenjiniere oa tsamaiso ea sebetsang hotele, lethathamo lena la FAQ le tla u thusa haholo.


    Lethathamo la Lipotso Bakeng sa Baenjiniere ba Lihotele tsa IPTV


    Ke nahana hore re se re fetile holim'a metheo ea tsamaiso ea Hotel IPTV, 'me mona ke lipotso tse 7 tse atisang ho botsoa ke lienjiniere tsa lihotele,' me ke:


    1. A na nka sebelisa sistimi ea hau haeba hotele ea ka e sebelisa TV e bohlale?
    2. Thepa ea mantlha ea hotele ea IPTV ke efe tabeng ee?
    3. Nka fetola joang litlhophiso tsa lisebelisoa tsa sistimi ea hau ea hotele ea IPTV?
    4. Na ho na le seo ke hlokang ho se ela hloko ha ke ntse ke kenya mohala tsamaisong?
    5. Litlhahiso life kapa life bakeng sa tlhokomelo ea phaposi ea phetisetso ea sistimi ea IPTV?
    6. Sistimi ea hau ea IPTV e sebetsa joang?
    7. Ke hloka ho lokisa eng pele ke kenya odara ea sistimi ea hau ea hotele ea IPTV?


    Q1: Na nka sebelisa sistimi ea hau haeba hotele ea ka e sebelisa TV e bohlale?


    Ehlile, o ka khona, empa ka kopo etsa bonnete ba hore o kenya APK ea Android eo re faneng ka eona ka har'a mabokose a hau a holimo. Smart TV hangata e tla le lebokose le behiloeng ka holimo le se nang IPTV APK kahare, seva sa rona sa IPTV se fana ka APK leha ho le joalo. Lithelevishene tse ling tse bohlale li sebelisa WebOS le sistimi e ts'oanang ea ts'ebetso. Haeba mofuta ona oa TV o sa khone ho kenya APK, ho kgothaletswa hore o sebedise lebokose la pele la FMUSER.


    Q2: Ke lisebelisoa life tsa motheo tsa hotele ea IPTV tabeng ee?


    Videong ea rona ea ho qetela mabapi le sistimi ea profeshenale ea IPTV, baenjiniere ba rona ba khothalelitse lisebelisoa tse latelang tsa hotele ea lehae ea DRC e nang le likamore tse 75:


    • 1 * 4-way Integrated Receiver/Decoder (IRD).
    • 1* 8-tsela HDMI Encoder.
    • 1 * Seva ea FMUSER FBE800 IPTV.
    • 3 * Switjha ya netweke
    • 75 * FMUSER Hotel IPTV Set-top Mabokose (AKA: STB).


    Ho feta moo, bakeng sa likenyelletso tse sa kenyelletsoeng ka mokhoa o itekanetseng litharollong tsa rona, mona ke seo baenjiniere ba rona ba se khothalelitseng:


    Lenaneo le lefelloang le amohelang karete ea tumello bakeng sa IRD

    Mabokose a maemo a holimo a nang le lisebelisoa le maemo a fapaneng (mohlala, HDMI satellite, UHF ea lehae, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon firebox, joalo-joalo)

    Lithapo tsa Ethernet tsa 100M/1000M (ka kopo li behe hantle esale pele bakeng sa kamore e 'ngoe le e 'ngoe ea hotele ea hau e hlokang litšebeletso tsa IPTV).


    Haele hantle, re khona ho etsa sistimi ea hotele ea IPTV ka lisebelisoa tsa mantlha le litlatsetso ka theko le boleng bo holimo bakeng sa hau. 


    Kopa khotheishene kajeno mme lienjineri tsa rona tsa sistimi ea IPTV li tla fihla ho uena ASAP.



    Q3: Nka fetola litlhophiso tsa lisebelisoa tsa sistimi ea hau ea hotele ea IPTV joang?


    Bukana ea mosebelisi ea inthaneteng e kenyellelitsoe ka har'a sephutheloana sa lisebelisoa tsa sistimi ea IPTV, ka kopo li bale ka hloko 'me u iketsetse litlhophiso kamoo u ratang kateng. Baenjineri ba rona ba lula ba mametse haeba u na le lipotso.


    Q4: Na ho na le seo ke hlokang ho se ela hloko ha ke ntse ke thaepa tsamaiso?


    E, 'me mona ke lintho tse 4 tseo u lokelang ho li tseba pele le ka mor'a mohala oa tsamaiso, e leng:


    Ho qala, bakeng sa lithapo tsa hau tse nepahetseng sebakeng sa marang-rang, lisebelisoa tsohle tsa sistimi ea IPTV ea hotele li tla lekoa ebe li khomareloa ka lileibole tse amehang (1 ho 1) pele ho tlisoa.


    Nakong ea wiring sebakeng, ka kopo etsa bonnete ba hore kou e 'ngoe le e' ngoe ea lisebelisoa tsa sistimi e tsamaisana le likhoele tse kentsoeng tsa Ethernet.


    Ho feta moo, kamehla hlahloba kamano pakeng tsa thapo ea Ethernet le likoung tsa ho kenya, 'me u netefatse hore li tsitsitse ka ho lekaneng' me ha li lokolohe hobane lisebelisoa tse sebetsang ka leseli li tla benya li ntse li le teng ka khokahanyo ea thapo ea Ethernet.


    Qetellong, ka kopo etsa bonnete ba hore u khetha thapo ea patch ea boleng bo holimo ea Cat6 Ethernet ka lebelo le phahameng la phetisetso ho fihla ho 1000 Mbps.


    Q5: Litlhahiso life bakeng sa tlhokomelo ea phaposi ea phetisetso ea sistimi ea IPTV?


    Ehlile re na le eona. Ntle le tlhokomelo ea mantlha eo moenjiniere e mong le e mong oa hotele a lokelang ho e latela, joalo ka ho kenya likhoele tse nepahetseng le ho boloka kamore e se na lerole ebile e hloekile, moenjiniere oa rona oa sistimi ea IPTV o khothalelitse hore mocheso oa ho sebetsa o be ka tlase ho 40 Celsius ha mongobo o be ka tlase ho 90. % mongobo o lekanyelitsoeng (o sa fokotseng), 'me phepelo ea matla e lokela ho lula e tsitsitse pakeng tsa 110V-220V. Habohlokoa le ho feta, etsa bonnete ba hore kamore ke ea boenjiniere feela, 'me u qobe liphoofolo tse kang litoeba, linoha le maphele ho kena ka phaposing.


    Q6: Sistimi ea hau ea IPTV e sebetsa joang?


    Hantle, ho itšetlehile ka hore na u kenya matšoao joang. 


    Ka mohlala, haeba matšoao a ho kenya a tsoa ho sathelaete ea TV, a tla fetoloa ho tloha ho RF ho ea ho matšoao a IP, 'me qetellong a kene ka har'a mabokose a behiloeng ka holimo a likamoreng tsa baeti. 


    Haeba u thahasella sehlooho sena, rea u amohela ho etela demo ea rona ea video mabapi le hore na IPTV system ea hotele ke eng le hore na e sebetsa joang. 


    Q7: Ke hloka ho lokisa eng pele ke kenya odara ea sistimi ea hau ea hotele ea IPTV?


    Leha ho le joalo, pele u fihla ho baenjiniere ba rona ka lihokela le nomoro ea mohala tlhalosong ea video, u kanna ua hloka ho fumana hore na u hloka eng hantle, mohlala:


    1. U fumana matšoao joang? Na ke lenaneo la satellite ea TV kapa lenaneo la homebrew? Ho na le likanale tse kae tsa lisebelisoa tsa matšoao?
    2. Lebitso le sebaka sa hotele ea hau ke mang? U hloka ho koahela likamore tse kae bakeng sa lits'ebeletso tsa IPTV?
    3. Ke lisebelisoa life tseo u nang le tsona hajoale 'me u na le tšepo ea ho rarolla mathata afe?


    Leha baenjiniere ba rona ba tla tšohla lihlooho tsena le uena ho WhatsApp kapa ka mohala, leha ho le joalo, ho tla boloka nako bakeng sa rona ka bobeli haeba u ka fumana lipotso tse thathamisitsoeng pele u ka ikopanya le rona.


    Ho Sum It Up


    Ka poso ea kajeno, re ithuta mokhoa oa ho aha tsamaiso ea IPTV ea hotele ka tharollo ea IPTV ea FMUSER, ho kenyelletsa le hore na tharollo ea IPTV ke efe le hore na ke hobane'ng ha e le bohlokoa, lethathamo la lisebelisoa tsa lisebelisoa tsa IPTV, ke hobane'ng ha u khetha tsamaiso ea hotele ea FMUSER IPTV, mokhoa oa ho sebelisa hotele ea IPTV ea FMUSER. tsamaiso, tsamaiso ea IPTV e sebetsa joang, joalo-joalo.


    Ho feta moo, re tla ba le bukana e felletseng ea mosebelisi le ts'ehetso ea marang-rang ho u thusa ho sebelisa sistimi ena hamolemo, o amohelehile ho kopa demo!


    Ho tloha ka 2010, litharollo tsa tsamaiso ea hotele ea FMUSER IPTV li atlehile ho sebelisoa le ho sebeletsa makholo a lihotele tse kholo, tse mahareng le tse nyane lefatšeng ka bophara.


    Sistimi ea IPTV ea hotele ea FMUSER le eona ke e 'ngoe ea litharollo tse ntle ka ho fetisisa tsa IPTV tseo o kileng oa li fumana.


    So this is the end of this post, if you are interested in our hotel IPTV system or have any questions about it, you are always welcome to iteanye le rona for more details, our engineers are always listening!


     Try Free Demo Today


    Manual User Kopitsa HONA joale


    1. Try Our Free Demo Now (Click to Download from Google Drive):


    FMUSER FBE800 Hotel IPTV System APK




    • Experience the demo of our Hotel IPTV system easily by installing it on your Android phone, Android Setup Box, or Android TV.
    • No configuration required! Simply install the demo and access the server directly for a seamless experience.


    Please note that the demo server is hosted on the internet, so slower speeds may occur. Rest assured, once installed in your hotel, there will be no lag whatsoever.


    How to use this APK:



    2. Lipuo tse ngata tsa Basebelisi: 



    Any Questions? Feel Free to Ask!


    U batla tse ling Lisebelisoa tsa hlooho ea DTV? Sheba tsena!


    FMUSER Hospitality IPTV Solution e Felletseng ea Hotel IPTV System e nang le IPTV Hardware le Sistimi ea Tsamaiso FMUSER DTV4339S-B 8/16/24 Channels HDMI IPTV Encoder (Protocol e Ntlafalitsoeng ea OSD+IP) FMUSER DTV4335V 4/8/12 Dikanale SDI IPTV Encoder
    IPTV Headend Thepa Li-Encoders tsa HDMI Li-Encoders tsa SDI
    FMUSER DTV-4405C 16/24 Liteishene tsa IP QAM RF Modulator bakeng sa CATV FMUSER 24-Way DVB-S2/T2 FTA Ird Decoder e Kopantsoeng ea Moamoheli 8/16 HDMI & 8/16 DVB-S/S2 ho isa ho 8 DVB-T Encoder Modulator
    Digital TV Modulators Moamohedi e Kopanetsweng/Decoder DTV Encoder Modulator





    Re lula re fa bareki ba rona lihlahisoa tse tšepahalang le litšebeletso tse nahanelang.

    Haeba u ka rata ho lula u ikopanya le rona ka kotloloho, ka kopo etela ho iteanye le rona

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