Compact 2U 2KW FM Transmitter FSN-2000T bakeng sa FM Radio Station


  • Theko (USD): 5,380
  • Boholo (PCS): 1
  • Thomello (USD): 0
  • Kakaretso (USD): 5,380
  • Mokhoa oa ho Romella: DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, Ka Leoatle, Ka Moea
  • Tefo: TT(Bank Transfer), Western Union, Paypal, Payoneer
Karolo ea RF
maqhubu EA-87.5 ~ 108 MHz
Boleng ba mohato oa khafetsa 10 kHz
Ho feto-fetoha ha lentsoe FM
Tlhoro ea tlhoro  ± 75 kHz
Ho tsitsa hangata <± 100Hz
Mokhoa oa ho tsitsisa khafetsa PLL frequency synthesizer
Matla a hlahisang RF 0 ~ 2,000 watts ± 0.5 dB
Ka har'a sehlopha sa lits'oants'o <-70 dB
Li-harmonics tse phahameng <- 65 dB
Parasitic AM <- 79 dB
Tlhahiso ea RF 50 Ω
RF sehokelo sa sehokelo L29K
Matla a RF > 78%

Karolo ea Audio
Kenyelletso ea molumo oa analoge
-12 dBm ~ +8 dBm
Phaello ea molumo
-15 dB ~ 15 dB mohato 0.5 dB
Tlhahiso ea audio ea Analog
600 Ω e leka-lekaneng XLR
AES / EBU impedance
110 Ω e leka-lekaneng XLR
Boemo ba ho kenyelletsa ba AES / EBU
0.2 Vpp ~ 10 Vpp
Tlhahiso ea RDS / SCA
BNC e sa leka-lekanang
Mohokahanyi oa ho kenya audio XLR e tšehali
Sehokelo sa ho kenya AUX BNC e motšehali
Karabelo ea khafetsa
±0.1 dB 30~15,000 Hz
Ho hatella pele 0 uS, 50 uS, 75 uS (setting ya mosebedisi)
S / N karo-karolelano ea mono >75 dB (30 ho isa ho 15 kHz)
S / N karolelano ea stereo >70 dB (30 ho isa ho 15 kHz)
Audio khopama

Kakaretso Karolo
Lethathamo la matla a motlakase 200V ~ 260V
Mocheso o sebetsang oa mocheso -20 ~ 45 ℃
Mokhoa oa mosebetsi  Mosebetsi o tsoelang pele
Mokhoa o pholileng  Ho phomola ha moea
tshebediso ya matla <2,000 VA
Mokhoa oa ho itlhatsoa ka mocheso
Bophahamo bo sisintsweng  

FSN-2000T: The Most Effective DSP 2U Rack 2KW FM transmitter


As one of the leading low-power FM transmitters, the FSN-2000T 2KW FM transmitter is combined with high performance and also superior design.


Pontšo ea karolo e ka morao le e ka pele ea FMUSER FSN-2000T rack 2KW FM transmitter.


Thanks to our factory, we're able to serve our customers with this high-end transmitter, it is included by:


  • Human-friendly touching screen for all-in-one administration.
  • The durable air conditioning technique from the internal follower helps effectively minimize the over-heated functioning temperature.
  • The high-fidelity audio outcome has acquired appeal among clients throughout the globe.
  • Integrated DSP technology has actually outperformed most competitors alive.
  • The 19-inch 2U small layout has conserved much space and also boosted the practicability for functioning.
  • Budget-friendly as well as low-cost style as constantly.
  • BLF188XR/ MRFE6VP61K25H is embraced as the chip to reach a higher performance for the radio broadcast stations.
  • Power tuneable (0 watts to2,000 watts).


FSN-2000T 2KW FM transmitter has the ability to serve most radio broadcast stations such as the area radio stations in the area and also the town.


The front panel of FMUSER FSN-2000T rack 2KW FM transmitter


What is a great top-quality 2KW FM transmitter? Have a look at the following features that FSN-2000T is created with!


Tsamaiso e Feletseng ea Tšireletso ea ka Hare


To start with, to minimize the cost of an FM radio station, not replacing that high-cost device will be the first option, and also the layout exceeds all the various other references.


The silver back panel of FMUSER FSN-2000T rack 2KW FM transmitter


One of the most beneficial parts is the over-heated & over-SWR protection, as well as the fan mistake security system, these designs are a safety and security guarantee for long service life in an FM radio station.


The FSN-2000T 2KW FM transmitter can instantly switch to supply worrying messages (typically warning for a while).


The output and input ports on the panels of FMUSER FSN-2000T rack 2KW FM transmitter


The tool will certainly keep beeping when the SWR is getting typically greater while there are worrying messages presented as well on the display.


Various applications of FMUSER FSN-2000T rack 2KW FM transmitter


As well as if the follower remains in negative functioning problem, startling messages will likewise be revealed on the screen.


Reputable Equipment Style Provides Wider Options


Have I informed you that the FSN-2000T has 0 watts to 2000 watts that are tuneable? Well, this is way not enough for a premium FM transmitter.


  1. Antenna Freq Matching: the FSN-2000T 2KW FM transmitter can check instantly for the very best antenna freq to improve for better performance between the antenna and also the transmitter.
  2. Ho ama hang, tsohle li entsoe: a sensitive touch board is set on the FSN-2000T to take place of the jog dial, which means a much easier operation.
  3. Excellent Versatility using adjustable settings: the 2KW FM transmitter is designed with XLR ports, which can be connected to the audio mixer.
  4. Optional Pre-emphasis Modes: there are 3 readily available sound settings for FSN-2000T, particularly 0 US, 50 United States, and 75 US, anybody that supervises the equipment operation is able to choose the best one of their will.


2KW FM Transmitter FSN-2000T Alternatives - The FMUSER "FSN" Family

Pontšo ea karolo e ka morao le e ka pele ea FMUSER FSN-350T rack 350W FM transmitter. Pontšo ea karolo e ka morao le e ka pele ea FMUSER FSN-600T rack 600 watt FM transmitter. Pontšo ea karolo e ka morao le e ka pele ea FMUSER FSN-1000T rack 1000w FM transmitter.


300W FM Transmitter


600 Watt FM Transmitter


FM Transmitter 1000 Watt

Pontšo ea karolo e ka morao le e ka pele ea FMUSER FSN-1500T rack 1500 watt FM transmitter. The front panel view of FMUSER FSN-3500T 3000 watt FM transmitter The front panel view of FMUSER FSN-5000T 5KW FM transmitter


1500 Watt FM transmitter


3000 Watt FM transmitter


5KW FM transmitter


Lihlahisoa tse khothalelitsoeng U kanna oa li Khahlehela

FU-1000C FM transmitter 1000 watt from FMUSER low power FM transmitter series up to 1000 watts FU618F-10KW 10000 watt FM transmitter from FMUSER high power FM transmitter series up to 10000 watts The complete package of FSN-1500T 1500 watt FM transmitter with antenna 8 bay FM dipole from FMUSER FM transmitter packages series

 Ho fihlela ho 1000 Watts

Li-transmitters tsa Low Power FM

Ho fihlela ho 10000 Watts

Li-transmitters tsa FM tse matla haholo

Li-transmitters, li-antenna, lithapo

Liphutheloana tsa transmitter ea FM

The complete 50W FM radio station packages from FMUSER FM radio station equipment series The STL10 package STL transmitter with STL receiver and STL antenna from FMUSER STL links series The FM-DV1 8 bay FM dipole antenna with accessories from FMUSER complete FM antenna system

Seteishene sa seea-le-moea, seteishene sa ho fetisa

Thepa ea Seteishene sa seea-le-moea

STL TX, RX, le antenna

Lihokelo tsa STL

1 to 8 bays FM antenna packages

Sistimi ea Antenna ea FM

  • 1 * 2KW FM transmitter FSN-2000T


U kanna oa Hloka:



Pakete e kenyeletsa



2kW FM e felletseng Sephutheloana sa Thekiso ea Seteishene sa seea-le-moea

  • 1 * FSN-2000T 2kW FM Transmitter 2000 Watt 
  • 1 * FU-DV2 2 Bay FM Dipole Antenna
  • 1 * 40M 7/8" Coaxial Cable e nang le Lihokelo


Iteanye le rona

2kW Sephutheloana sa seea-le-moea sa FM se nang le Sistimi e felletseng ea li-antenna tsa FM

  • 1 * 2KW EA-2000-FSN EA-XNUMX-MF
  • 1 * Two-Bay FU-DV2 Dipole Antenna
  • 1 * 40M 7/8" Coaxial Cable e nang le Lihokelo
  • 1 * Sephutheloana sa Studio Studio (12-way audio mixer*1, li-headphones*2, libui *2, audio processor*1, 4-way hybrid phone*1, li-microphone*2, MIC stands*2, BOP covers*2, On-Air LED Light*1)


Iteanye le rona

Seteishene sa seea-le-moea sa 2000 sa Watt FM se nang le Thepa e Felletseng ea Sehokelo sa Studio Transmitter

  • 1 * 2KW FSN-2000T FM Broadcast Transmitter
  • 1 * Two-Bay FU-DV2 Dipole Antenna
  • 1 * 40M 7/8" Coaxial Cable e nang le Lihokelo
  • 1 * Sephutheloana sa Studio (12-way mixer*1, headphones*2, speaker*2, audio processor*1, 4-way hybrid phone*1, microphone*2, MIC stands*2, BOP covers*2, On-Air LED Light*1)
  • 1 * Sephutheloana sa Sisteme ea STL (1 * STL Transmitter , 1 * STL Receiver , STL Antenna*1, 20m lithapo tsa antenna*2 (tse nang le likhokahanyo))

50km +


Iteanye le rona





Re lula re fa bareki ba rona lihlahisoa tse tšepahalang le litšebeletso tse nahanelang.

Haeba u ka rata ho lula u ikopanya le rona ka kotloloho, ka kopo etela ho iteanye le rona

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